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This website was "off the air" for a couple of weeks.
Now that it's back the Archives are empty.
What happened? Technical issues? Cyber Hacking?


I'm interested in what has happened also!

I noticed the Blog about Attorney-General Robert McClelland is not accessible.

The blog entitled;

Leave Muslim terrorists alone - concentrate on Islamophobe ...
Blog Source: | 7 months ago
GreenLeft -- Tony Iltis On August 12, ALP federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland announced a discussion paper that foreshadowed a new raft of draconian “anti-terror” laws. The proposed new laws would give police the power to enter ... Some

Is not accessible ..I wonder why?


feel pity on the guy who did this, maybe his parents didnt teach him how to respect every religion like it is thought to all muslims! asshole like these should be taken care of by their state govt.and people like these who do not respect religions should be thought a lesson, in short word f u! to the person who did this

Ashraf Shaikh

u fuck ur ass damn baster. Madorchod who the hell r u to do like this on Allah.? wat do u think abt urself u bullshit... Dog,Pig...

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I do not understand why it considered French Canadians of Quebec as a terrorist minority in the field

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